Episode Four:

Language in Ceremony

Stewart and Kathy Breaker have started a grassroots institute to revitalize language and cultural practices. Through the building of a sweat lodge Eli learns about the connections between the land, ceremony and language
Episode Five:

In the Hands of Elders

Two respected Elders working tirelessly to share their teachings with their community. They both work as Elders-in-residence, Jo-Ann at the Edmonton Public Library and Jerry at the Maskwacis Cultural College.
Episode Six:

Healing at Home

Quin Buck recently moved back home so they could attend Blue Quills, a First Nations University to learn nehiyawewin, the Cree language
Episode One:


Traveling to the community of his ancestors Eli Hirtle begins his language journey across Alberta. Conversations about the powerful connections between language and culture leave Eli wanting to know more.
Episode Two:

Connecting Community

Meeting the community that Victoria Wanihadie has connected shows Eli that crucial language work can’t be done alone. The connections between land, language and healing are ever present in these conversations.
Episode Three:

Across Generations

Generational knowledge is preserved and passed down in the communities Eli visits on his language journey. This crucial transfer is key to the revitalization of language and culture.

Eli Hirtle is a nêhiyaw(Cree)/British/German filmmaker, beadworker, visual artist and curator based in Victoria, BC, Canada. His practice involves documenting Indigenous cultural resurgence and revitalization, as well as investigating his nêhiyaw identity through beadwork.